About us

About us

As most of you probably already found out, ModMag.net stands for “Modding Magazine”, which is the full name of our website. The main purpose of our website is to provide our readers with the most recent and interesting information in computer technologies, particularly those which are related to modding.

And while we have “modding” in the name, our website isn’t bound only to PC modding itself, since we view modding is a much broader sense, which encapsulates any creative or enthusiastic use of computers and electronics.

While each individual is unique, most of the modern products tend to be very repetitive, designed and mass produced for the average person, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that many people like to customize their stuff. Customizing can be a rather difficult process, especially if you want to make the device unique, while preserving its practicality and performance. To achieve such goals one has to think the problems through, usually developing new approaches, sharing ideas and eventually becoming an engineer and a designer of you own unique solution. That’s exactly the purpose of our website — to bring together like-minded enthusiasts.

After a long period of developing and tweaking, initially the ModMag.net website opened on July 1 of 2004 and was positioned as a website devoted exclusively to covering the topic of PC modding for the russian-speaking part of the Internet, i.e. users from Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. Since that time we didn’t only publish an impressive amount of content, such as news and articles (product reviews, how-to guides, etc), but also participated in the development of the local PC enthusiast community, supporting modders and hosting competitions.

Since we were not planing to stop there, eight years later in mid-2012 we launched the long-awaited english version of ModMag.net. The english version of our website will have both old (the best articles will be translated form russian to english) and new content, so if you’re interested in modding and fresh information about modern technologies, than bookmark out website and don’t forget to regularly visit it ;).

The team of ModMag.net

Yoj — the main founder of the website, who also acts as both the website and forum administrator. Not only does he manage all the technical stuff for ModMag.net and acts as the editor-in-chief, but he also works as a author, writing both news and articles. Among other things, it was Yoj who first determined the main concept of ModMag.net as a website, eventually designing and developing it into reality.

N!ck was also at the helm from day one. While being a founder of the website and one of its authors, N!ck became the main ideologist of the liberal forum. N!ck can also be considered ModMag.net’s main expert in modern technologies, materials and other futuristic stuff. Currently, he’s also the main author of news on our website.

Kolpac jumped on board very early and helped make ModMag.net the website that it currently is, pushing the work forward and coming up with more and more interesting ideas. He didn’t only act as an author and both the website and forum administrator, but also coined one of ModMag.net’s most famous traits — its news feed. For a few years in a row Kolpac himself made sure that ModMag.net had the best news feed in PC enthusiast space.

It should also be noted that it wasn’t just the core team that made ModMag.net — our website wouldn’t be today where it is now without the help of many talented modders and enthusiasts, such as: Archangel, A.R.T.E.M., Boomburum, C2E/\T!\/E, cosharika, DataLife, Death Keeper, Dimm168pin, Dmitri Koopa, Filll, Gluk, Grobovshchik, MadProFF, Masaki, NightSamurai, N1kk, Serogas, the-proof, Tirex, Vov4ip, Yurik04.

If you are interested in any form of cooperation or advertising on ModMag.net, than do please contact us via email contact@modmag.net.