A video guide on installing a custom window and etching it

The guys from MNPCTech modding studio, namely Bill Owen and his assistant Andrew, have recently posted another video guide on their Case Mod Blog website. The said how-to guide covers the simple yet popular topic of installing a window in a PC enclosure, with the window having a custom shape instead of the traditional rectangle design. This modding tutorial also covers the topic of etching the installed window.

The whole process is demonstrated on a Corsair Carbide 200R enclosure, which the guys at MNPCTech reviewed earlier. It should be mentioned that this particular case will be later used to make a modding project, the theme of which will be based around the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines video game, that will be released in February of 2013. Considering this, it’s no surprise that Bill engraved an Alien Xenomorph on that window.

Source: Case Mod Blog