AMD Guitar PC — a new modding project by Boddaker

The author of many great modding projects, Boddaker has recently published a worklog of a modding project on which he worked on lately. This new project is called AMD Guitar PC and, just like the name implies, it was done on request of the CPU manufacturer of the same name. As it often happens, working for a big company required Boddaker to comply with a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is why he could share the result of his work with all of us only now.

The AMD Guitar PC custom modding project consists of two separate guitar-computers. To avoid damaging expensive branded guitars, Boddaker used cheap self-assembly guitar kits as enclosures for his modding project. As to the hardware components inside these guitar-computers, it’s no wonder that they are based on products from AMD, particularly the new socket FM2 APUs. In addition, the computers in AMD Guitar PC modding project also feature compact (1U) server PSUs rated at 250W and slot-loading optical drives.

A main view of computer in the AMD Guitar PC modding project

A main view of computer in the AMD Guitar PC modding project

One of the most interesting details of the AMD Guitar PC custom modding project is the use of 8 inch displays, which are installed behind the sound holes of the guitars. To avoid any potential problems with cooling, Boddaker enhanced the air ventilation by cutting additional blowholes in the cases, one of which is made in the shape of AMD’s logo.

The results of Boddaker’s hard work can be vied in the photos, which are embedded in this post. If you are interested in this project and want to get more details about it and its build process, than you should visit the worklog of the AMD Guitar PC modding project.

Source: Bit-tech