Attila’s Cor Leonis modding project is completed

The two-time winner of Bit-tech’s Mod of the Year competition and just a great modder, Attila Lucas (aka Oldnewby) has recently completed his Cor Leonis modding project. Since this modding project was started almost two years ago and a lot of modding enthusiasts followed the build from the very beginning, chances are you already know a lot about Cor Leonis. If not, than let us remind you: Cor Leonis is a custom modding project that was scratch-build entirely by hand (no CNCs) from thick pieces of aluminum. The name “Cor Leonis” is latin for lions heart. By tradition, all projects by Attila have names endowed with astronomical sense and Cor Leonis is no exception. In fact, Cor Leonis is one of many names of the brightest star in the Leo constellation, and one of the brightest stars in the night sky.

One of the many interesting features of Cor Leonis is the use of watercooling in it, since previously Attila used only air cooling in his modding projects. Initially, Attila wanted to use scratch build watercooling parts in his project, but later dropped this idea and took the route of utilizing of the shelf parts, customizing them when it was necessary. While working on his project, Attila was trying to make a case with a kind of super car styling and we think he succeeded in his goal. Cor Leonis not only looks top of the line, but the quality of workmanship is on a level far beyond most of the super cars.

When Attila announced that his Cor Leonis project was finished, many modding enthusiasts agreed that competition on this year’s Mod of the Year contest just went through the roof, with many already proclaiming Cor Leonis as the winner. As we said, the Cor Leonis project has a lot of interesting features, so if you like to know all of them than you should visit this project’s worklog. In addition, you can visit Attila’s personal website — there is a lot of interesting stuff there: galleries, news, guides, etc.

Source: Bit-tech