Cooler Master Case Mod Competition 2012 announced

Cooler Master, one of the most prominent players in the market of components and accessories for PC enthusiasts, announced that their modding competition will also take place in 2012. Cooler Master Case Mod Competition is known to be one of the top modding competitions (the other being, of course, Bit-tech’s Mod of the Year), where modders from all around the world can show off their modding skills. In addition to the Cooler Master, the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition 2012 will be sponsored by such companies as Asus and Kingston, with Bit-tech being a media partner.

The official banner of the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition 2012

The official banner of the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition 2012

Registration for the contest is already open and will stay like that until September 7, 2012. After the registration, modders will have plenty of time to finish their modding projects and submit the appropriate forum worklogs, since the final date (by which everything must be finished) is December 7, 2012. A voting period will last from December 10 to December 14, 2012, followed by a vote count and the announcement of the winner, which should happen on December 20, 2012. Given such time frames, it’s safe to say that winners will probably get their prizes just in time for the Christmas/New Years celebration.

Unlike last year’s competition, Cooler Master Case Mod Competition of 2012 will have three distinct categories: Tower Mod (modding a stock PC case), Scratch Build (custom projects made from scratch) and Cooler Mod (modding of a cooling system). To participate in the “Tower Mod” category you need use a PC case made by Cooler Master, while to participate in the “Scratch Build” category your custom project must use a minimum of one product made by Cooler Master. To participate in the new “Cooler Mod” category you must mod a Cooler Master branded cooling system.

Each category will have several prizes: both “Tower Mod” and “Scratch Build” categories will have one first place prize, two second place prizes and tree third place prizes each, while the “Cooler Mod” category will just have one first place prize and one or two second place prizes 😉 (different data is stated in the contest’s rules and prize information).

Traditionally, the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition is famous (among other things, of course) for its prizes and this year’s competition is no exception. Prizes consists of variety of computer hardware, accessories and peripherals. For example, prizes for the first and second places include almost all of the components that are required to build a gaming PC, with the CPU and display being the exceptions. According to Bit-tech, there are $15,000 worth of prizes in three categories.

If you are interested in the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition of 2012, you can learn about the rules, register and check out the prizes on the official website of the contest. In turn, we will keep you updated on all of the news, that are related to this competition.

Source: Bit-tech