Hello world!

Welcome to the newly opened english version of the popular russian PC modding site ModMag.net. At this moment the english version of the website is still in alpha (pre-beta) stage.

ModMag.net, which is short for “Modding Magazine”, was originally opened in mid-2004 and is recognized as one of the most popular, respected and oldest websites about PC modding in the russian-speaking part of the World Wide Web. The key feature that differentiate ModMag.net among other similar websites is the quality of the content that we publish, such as fresh news, product reviews, how-to guides, worklogs, etc. We are also in constant support of the modding community.

Since there was no way that we’re going to rest on our laurels, we did what was the only logical thing to do (and what we have long wanted to do) 😉 — went global by lunching of english version of ModMag.net. At this point the english version of ModMag.net has noticeably less content then the original russian version: there are less then 10% off all articles translated and no news posts (there are currently over 1600 of them in the russian version). But, as you all know, big things have small beginnings ;).

The english version of ModMag.net will eventually get most of the articles from the russian version of website (some of them are old, but still interesting) and a lot of new content, such as: news, how-to guides, product reviews, hardware tests, analytical and theoretical pieces, modding worklogs, etc. So, if you are interested in modding and the latest information from the world of modern technology, we recommend that you bookmark our website and visit us every day ;).

As we already said, the english version of ModMag.net is in pre-beta stage: at the moment we are still working on final tuning of the website design, CMS, plugins, etc. Beside that, there are articles in process of translation, and new ones in process of editing. If you what to participate in the development of ModMag.net, you can send your suggestions via email contact@modmag.net. You can also report any found errors by selecting them with your mouse and pressing “Ctrl” + “Enter” on the keyboard.