L3p L4n modding project updates

While L3p initially started working on his L3p L4n modding project last summer and was distracted with other work, the project still moves along. As you probably remember, L3p L4n is a classic case mod, which is based on a fancy Origen AE S21T Black enclosure for HTPCs. And while this case was designed primarily for HTPCs, L3p doesn’t plan to use it for its intended purpose — he plans build a relatively compact high-performance gaming PC in it, which could be brought to a Lan Party.

Following through with his plans, L3p didn’t just build a PC with high-performance components, but also equipped it with an appropriate watercooling system. It should be noted that there were some adjustments in the initial plans, particularly with the selected components: L3p decided to upgrade the initial dual GeForce GTX 580 video card system to a single ASUS Mars II video card, which is basically two GeForce GTX 580 video cards on a single PCB and, unlike the GeForce GTX 590, isn’t restricted in performance and works on relatively high frequencies. The only downside of using an ASUS Mars II video card (aside from a $1500 price tag, that is ;)) is that there are virtually no waterblocks available for it on the market — L3p wasn’t upset by this fact, instead he approached this problem as a true enthusiast and decided to make a custom waterblock for his video card.

L3p used fullcover waterblocks from EK Waterblocks as a source of inspiration, yet in the end his custom video card waterblock got an arguably better design than most branded waterblocks from regular watercooling manufacturers. You can see his custom waterblock and judge its design for yourself in the photos. Aside from making this custom water block, L3p has also spent some time to prepare his L3p L4n modding project for the Asus Media Event — despite the fact that the project isn’t completed, we’re sure it managed to attract attention of the visitors.

As usual, you can follow the process of L3p L4n modding project creation in its forum worklog, or you comment on your impressions of this project in our forums.

Source: Bit-tech