Magic Cube AIO — Cubitek’s compact eATX case

While being founded in 2010 makes Cubitek a fairly young company that specializes in PC gaming/enthusiast cases, it already managed to make a name for themselves among enthusiasts, with many comparing Cubitek’s products to the famous Lian Li.

One of Cubitek’s new products is the Magic Cube AIO — an all-aluminum PC case, which is advertised as the world smallest eATX chassis. To fit an extended motherboard in relatively small (244 x 491,7 x 477 mm) enclosure, engineers at Cubitek made some interesting tweaks to the Magic Cube AIO chassis. For example, five of the seven hard drive bays are placed behind the motherboard tray, while the single optical drive bay is situated in the bottom part of the chassis. Another two hard drive bays are placed near the optical drive bay, with one hard drive bay situated under the optical drive bay and the other above it.

The three-quarter view of Magic Cube AIO case from Cubitek

The three-quarter view of Magic Cube AIO case from Cubitek

Other features of Cubitek Magic Cube AIO include efficient while at the same time quiet cooling (with an option of installing a radiator for the water cooling system in the front of the case) and prevention of dust accumulation inside of case (with fine mesh dust filters on all fans). The approximate price of the Cubitek Magic Cube AIO case is €230 or $255 USD (depending on the region), including taxes.

For more details about the Cubitek Magic Cube AIO enclosure you can checkout an embedded video review made by Case Mod Blog. By the way, CaseModBlog is giving one of the Cubitek Magic Cube AIO cases for free to a lucky winner, so you have a chance to get one. To enter the prize draw, you need to register at Case Mod Blog and leave one comment at a special web page, more details and rules are also there.

Source: Case Mod Blog