Networked christmas lights

With the winter holiday season already at full force and just a few days until Christmas (and New Year a few days after that), most people have probably already set up their Christmas Tree, so it’s a good idea to make some last minute preparations, e.g. make some custom decorations. The internet is full of interesting christmas projects, so we decided to tell you about one of them in today’s news post.

Being a system administrator, arxont decided not only to bring some Christmas spirit and holiday mood in his home, but to make it so it would have a sight IT/Computer theme in it. As a result of his creative impulse, arxont made some stylish custom christmas lights with 8p8c connectors (which most people mistakingly know as RJ-45), that are usually used for Ethernet networks, acting as light bulbs.

A general view of arxont's networked christmas lights

A general view of arxont’s networked christmas lights

To simplify his little project, arxont decided to use some stock LED-based christmas lights as the base of his project, choosing the size of LEDs so that they could be easily installed inside standard 8p8c connectors. It’s worth noting that arxont didn’t use the most common transparent connectors, instead choosing colored ones, which are made from translucent colored plastic.

A close-up on the individual lights

A close-up on the individual lights

If you liked arxont’s networked christmas lights, than you can get more details about it, including a short tutorial on how to make one yourself, in his post on Habrahabr (via Google Translate).

Source: Habrahabr