New review: ADATA Premier Pro SP600 solid-state drive

Just a few years ago most PC users didn’t have that much choice when picking a boot drive for their system: you could get a relatively slow (with rotation speed of less than 7200 RPM), but relatively quiet hard drive, a slightly faster (7200 RPM), but noisier one or go with the fast option (10000 RPM), having to bear atrocious prices and noise levels. This whole situation has drastically changed after solid-state drives (SSD) became available in the market, since they combined their totally silent operation with high speeds, that were unachievable even by the fastest hard drives, in one device. There were however downsides to using SSDs — prices and capacity of first generation solid state drives left much to be desired. But, as everybody knows, progress goes on, especially in the field of IT — the cost per gigabyte of SSDs is constantly falling, while at the same time newer solid-state drives with more capacity become available in the market.

ADATA's Premier Pro SP600 solid-state drive

ADATA’s Premier Pro SP600 solid-state drive

In today’s review we are going to look at one of the newest solid-state drives from ADATA, which is called the Premier Pro SP600. These SSDs were officially announced only about a month ago and are based on the modern JMicron JMF661 controller.