PowerColor’s Pimp my Rig contest

If your computer doesn’t only fail to impress you (like it did in the first days after its purchase), but also hardly impresses modern (and not so modern) games or, simply speaking, is terribly slow, than you probably should participate in the Pimp my Rig contest, which is currently held by PowerColor. The essence of this contest is to find the most laggy and slow PC, which desperately needs an upgrade. The one who proves that his rig is slower than an injured slowpoke, will be eligible to receive a bunch of cool hardware for an upgrade. This competition is sponsored by such companies as PowerColor, AMD, ASRock and Cooler Master, while techPowerUP, HardwareLuxx, HardwareHeaven and Chiphell provide media support.

Banner of PowerColor's Pimp my Rig contest

Banner of PowerColor’s Pimp my Rig contest

The prize pool of this contest’s first stage consists of a Cooler Master’s HAF XM enclosure, an AMD FX-8150 CPU, an ASRock 990 FX Extreme 3 motherboard, Cooler Master’s Storm QuickFire Rapid keyboard and Storm Sentinel Adv. II mouse. The second stage of the contest will allow participants to win a high-end PowerColor HD 7990 Devil 13 6 GB video card. The main mission of the first stage of this contest, which is currently active, is to find the slowest PC by the 3DMark 2003 benchmark suite, with participants being able to enter until September 16.

The main prize of the contest — PowerColor's HD 7990 Devil 13 6 GB video card

The main prize of the contest — PowerColor’s HD 7990 Devil 13 6 GB video card

If you are interested in this contest, than you should probably get more details about it from its official website or a special post about it on techPowerUp.

Source: techPowerUp