Routers As The Security Cameras

“A simple home router can have an unusual and incredible usage – geeks can do it (and you can do as well actually): have you ever wanted to watch out what’s happening at your house or an apartment when you are out?!

The well known standard choice for majority of regular people nowadays is an IP-based gadget that grants an access over the Internet through an ethernet or a remote with your home switch. But imagine a scenario in which you could remove the middleman, and transform your simple home router itself into the security camera.

The hack starts by parsing the first switch’s firmware. Through a straightforward content pursuit, a troubleshoot page was recognized which permitted telnet access to the switch to be empowered. This offers access to a root shell, permitting full control over the Linux framework running the show.

Generally speaking, it’s genuinely a direct thing, yet we got the thought of a keen bend. Since the router itself works now as the security camera, you can set up the camera to just arm itself when the cell phone isn’t at home. This keeps the recording of video of anyone moving around the house, enabling the switch to just record the needed footage for security purposes.”