Summer activities episode of The Ben Heck Show

If you are into PC or console modding, then it’s safe to say that you know who Ben Heck is. For those who don’t — Ben Heck is famous console/PC modder, self-taught engineer and hacker, who also runs his very own internet TV show called “The Ben Heck Show”. The show is dedicated to DIY gadgets, console and PC modding, with a new episode going online every other week.

In the newest 47th episode Ben draws his attention to his favorite summer activities, i.e. camping and fishing, making portable gadgets more usable when attending them. First of all Ben rigs up a portable solar cell unit, using Amazon bought solar cells, then he builds chargers for a lead-acid batteries and various Apple gadgets, such as iPhone and iPad. With help of these chargers, a variety of gadgets can be charged using either direct solar power or the power that was stored in the battery. Finally, Ben builds a solar-powered food-rotating campfire rotisserie.

If you’re into camping with gadgets, more details on the new projects can be seen in the embedded episode of The Ben Heck Show.

Source: The Ben Heck Show