Tenuis modding project by Gtek is completed

Gtek, the modding enthusiast who is mostly know as the author of such stylish modding projects as Ultra, CUBO and BETA, has recently posted a brief worklog of his new modding project, which is called Tenuis.

Just like the previous projects by Gtek, Tenuis is a handmade custom modding project. Aluminum was chosen by Gtek as the main building material for this project, so the majority of enclosure is made from it. Aside from aluminum, this projects also utilizes walnut wood for some external panels. The main goal in creating this modding project was to make a slim and stylish PC for the living room, which could also act both as a generic computer and as a HTPC.

A general view of the Tenuis project by Gtek

A general view of the Tenuis project by Gtek

Regarding internals, the Tenuis modding project was designed to accommodate any motherboard of a mini-ITX form factor, a full-size video card up to 190 mm in length, a compact mini-ITX PSU, two HDD or SSD storage units and one slot-loading optical drive.

You can see the design of the Tenuis modding project is the photos embedded in this post. If you are interested in getting more details about this project and its build process, than you should visit the appropriate worklog and Gtek’s personal website.

Source: Bit-tech