The BIO-A10 case mod is completed

The BIO-A10 case mod by modder E.E.L. Ambiense, which he started back in April, was recently completed. As you probably remember from our previous coverage, this modding project is a classic casemod, which is based on a non-less classic PC-A10 enclosure from Lian Li. According to E.E.L. Ambiense, this particular case was chosen because it’s one of the best cases from Lian Li, which is produced back in the day, when they still knew what the hell they were doing ;).

Basic three-quarter view of the BIO-A10 case mod

Basic three-quarter view of the BIO-A10 case mod

Aside from a classic PC enclosure, Jeremy Birch (who is mostly known by his nickhame E.E.L. Ambiense) also chose a classic biohazard theme for this modding project. Such choice was primarily driven by the fact that this casemod was being made for Jeremy’s friend, who is a big fan of this theme in PC modding. And while biohazard is clearly the main theme of this case mod, Jeremy also used some elements of post-apocalyptic styling. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that all of the details with biohazard and post-apocalyptic styling had top-notch implementations, since Jeremy is well-known guru of these styles in modding.

Among the distinctive features of this project is the amazing attention to detail, which makes this case mod into a unified modding project and not just a collection of disparate elements. All in all, we think that the BIO-A10 modding projects looks at least excellent, as you can see for yourself in the photos and video that are attached to this post. You can (and probably should) get more details about this casemod and its build process it the corresponding worklog.

Source: Bit-tech