The eighth episode of The Mod Zoo modding podcast

The Mod Zoo modding podcast, which was launched back in August, has already got to their eighth episode, which was recently released on their website. If you saw any of our previous posts about this podcast, than you should already know who’s responsible for its creation. If not, than let us remind you — this new modding podcast was created by PC enthusiasts that you probably already know:

  • Kyle van der Merwe (Kylevdm), who was also the host of the Mod Brothers Podcast and who you probably know as the author of the Lanboy – Apocalypse case mod project.
  • Bill Owen — the famous professional modder and author of many great modding projects, who’s also the man behind the MNPCTech modding studio and Case Mod Blog.
  • Jeremy Birch (E.E.L. Ambiense) — a modding guru and author of many modding projects, who is also knows by his BIO-A10 case mod project.
  • Cheapskate — the famous modder, who didn’t only built many various modding projects and custom watercooling components, but also participated in different modding contests, shows and projects.

As with all seven previous episodes, the new eighth episode of The Mod Zoo podcast is available to download both from its official website and from the iTunes Store, where you can not only listen to it, but also subscribe to automatically get new episodes as they become available.

The eighth episode of The Mod Zoo podcast is mainly focused on the new Mod Zoo Forum, which was opened more than a week ago. The hosts of the podcast have gone through all of the key points of the new forum, such as why it was opened, its mission, etc.

This episode’s special guest is a famous modding enthusiast Michael Wood aka mayhem — owner and a master chemist at Mayhem’s, a company known for its watercooling dyes and fluids. Michael told the story of how he decided to get into this business, explained how new watercooling fluids are being developed, and announced a future product — watercooling fluids that look like liquid metal of silver and gold colors.

Source: The Mod Zoo