The mirrored case In Win Tou will be released as a retail product

In Win, the well-known computer case manufacturer, has recently reported that their concept case In Win Tou, which was shown earlier at Computex 2013, will be released as a retail product. If you followed this year’s Computex coverage, than it is likely that you have seen In Win’s latest creation —Tou, if not, than this post is for you.

The main distinctive feature of In Win Tou is the fact that it’s made from tempered glass, with a translucent mirror coating applied to it. The translucent mirror coating enables a special feature of this case: when the case illumination is off, it’s panels look like mirrors, but when the internal illumination is turned on the whole case becomes translucent. By the way, the name of this case (Tou) translates from Chinese (Mandarin) as “transparency”.

The In Win Tou with its illumination turned on and off

The In Win Tou with its illumination turned on and off

In addition to glass, the Tou also uses aluminum, which was In Win’s material of choice for the frame. As for specifications, In Win Tou is a full-tower designed for ATX (and smaller) motherboards. This case is equipped with seven PCI slots, and one 5.25″, two 2.5″ and three 3.5″ bays. When it comes to cooling, the Tou case can house four 120 mm fans: one in front part of the case and three in the upper part. The upper part of the case also provides space for an optional water-cooling radiator, which is always a good thing.

Another interesting feature of Tou is a touch-sensitive control panel, which is located directly on the glass surface, in the front bottom part of the case. Using this control panel, you can turn on and off the computer itself, the case fans and its illumination (and also adjust the level of illumination). The retail price and market availability timeframe for the In Win Tou are currently unknown.

Source: techPowerUp