The new Gymkhana Mod II case mod by Moddingboy

The well-known hungarian modding enthusiast Moddingboy, who is mostly known as the author of the Gymkhana Mod modding project, decided to take another shot at creating a case mod devoted to Gymkhana. As you probably know, Gymkhana is a motorsport discipline, which combines elements of drifting, racing and rally.

Banner of the new Gymkhana Mod II case mod

Banner of the new Gymkhana Mod II case mod

Just like in his previous Gymkhana themed case mod, Moddingboy used the new video form Ken Block (“Gymkhana 5”) as inspiration, which is a good enough reason for us to embed it into this post ;). The idea of this modding project is basically the same as in the first one — to transform a stock PC enclosure into a stylish case mod, decorated as Ken’s pimped out ride. This time Moddingboy used a pretty good Silencio 550 enclosure from Cooler Master as a base for his modding project. This case will be transformed using many different items, with the color scheme of the case mod consisting of three primary colors: black, white and orange.

Currently, the work on the main enclosure hasn’t yet started — Moddingboy had time only to mod the mouse, which you can see in the photos above. Because of this, if you are interested in the Gymkhana Mod II modding project, you can follow its build process from the very beginning in its worklog.

Source: Bit-tech