Winners announced for Bit-tech’s Mod of the Year 2012

Our colleagues at Bit-tech, UK’s leading website for PC enthusiasts, have recently announced the winners of their Mod of the Year modding contest for 2012. As you probably already know, the past year was very fruitful in terms of great modding projects, so it isn’t a surprise that as much as twenty different projects were chosen as nominees for the Mod of the Year contest. Twenty modding projects that would compete for the title of the best modding project of 2012.

Among these twenty nominees, there were both custom modding projects and classic case mods of various types and styles. So, without further ado, let’s proceed to how the places were distributed among the contest winners.

The first place went to The Next Level modding project by Pascal de Greef (Paslis). Not only did this project scored 16 points from the judges, it also took the most votes from online readers.

Attila Lukacs (Attila) took the second place with his Cor Leonis modding project. Just as the previous project, Cor Leonis managed to score 16 points form the judges.

An honorable third place was taken by Peter Husar (Gtek) with his Tenuis modding project. This modding project scored 11 points from the judges.

Daniel Bolognesi (twister7800gtx) managed to take the fourth place with his Twister Mod 8.0.0.D modding project, scoring 9 points from the judges.

The last, fifth place went to Paul Tan (paultan) and his Asus TUF Armorsuit Z77 modding project, which scored only a single point less than the previous project by getting 8 points from the judges.

This year our colleagues at Bit-tech employed a two-stage voting scheme to determine the winner of their contest. The first stage featured a direct viewer popularity vote, with five of the most popular projects advancing to the second stage of the voting process. The second stage employed judges, who were chosen among modding enthusiasts, as voters, each of who scored each of the five modding projects: from one point for the fifth place to five points for the first place. It’s worth noting that projects The Next Level and Cor leonis both got the same number of points from the judges, but, to avoid a tie, the judges gave the victory to The Next Level project — the decision was motivated by the fact that it was this project, which won the popularity vote in the first stage of the voting process.

The judges also announced some unofficial awards. For example, the technical skill and attention to detail award was given to Acronym, Blue Horizon and Get A Life modding projects, while the best use of new modding techniques and materials award was given to M8 and SSR-X modding projects.

We should also mention that, despite picking five winning places, prizes in Bit-tech’s modding contest are awarded only to the top three places. Picking so many great modding projects as participants in this year’s Mod of the Year contest ensured a fierce level of competition. Considering that PC modding doesn’t stand still and is constantly evolving, 2013 should also be a great year for it, with Mod of the Year 2013 being at least this good.

Source: Bit-tech