Zeus Edition modding project by Ronnie Hara

Although Cooler Master had released their Cosmos II enclosure quite a while ago, its previous iteration, which is called Cosmos S, is still popular among modding enthusiasts and the Zeus Edition modding project is another example of that. This project was made by Ronnie Hara — a brazilian modding enthusiasts that lives in Japan.

Just as the name implies, this modding project is dedicated to Zeus, the ancient Greek god of sky and thunder. Considering the theme, Ronnie Hara decided to use a two-tone color scheme, using black and gold as the main colors for his modding project. Following through with the chosen color scheme, the chassis, handles and some other parts of the enclosure were painted gold.

General view of the Zeus Edition modding project

General view of the Zeus Edition modding project

One of the main elements of the Zeus Edition modding project is a Zeus-themed vinyl graphics print on the right side of the case. Aside from that big print on a side panel, this project also has some smaller vinyl graphics elements, e.g. on fans and SSDs. The inside of this classic case mod is also decent, e.g. Ronnie Hara tidied everything up by using cable management techniques, utilizing individual cable sleeving and hiding excessive wires behind decorative overlays, some of which are lined leather. The insides of this project also feature a high-performance watercooling system.

The front panel of the case has also undergone a thorough reworking in the Zeus Edition project, e.g. it got three separate 120 mm blowholes, which were decorated with MNPCtech grills. You can a general idea of how the finished Zeus Edition modding project looks like in the embedded photos, but if you want more information about it, or just want to know how it was done, then you should visit its worklog.

Source: Bit-tech