Another two episodes of The Ben Heck Show

Only a month has passed since we last time wrote about The Ben Heck Show, but since Ben is such a productive guy he managed to released two new episodes of his show since then. If you have not yet had time to watch them, than this digest is just what you need ;).

In the 47th episode of his show, Ben helps one of the viewers of his show by equipping his wheelchair with a user-friendly electric drive. As usual, Ben bases his gadget around the use of microcontrollers, while fabricating parts for the enclosure on his own personal CNC mill. This episode will be especially interesting to all those enthusiasts, who are interested in smooth control of powerful electric motors.

The forty-ninth episode of The Ben Heck Show is dedicated to building a pocket-sized retro computer. As with the previous episode, the main emphasis is on using microcontrollers in such a way, so that even a not very experienced audience could handle the job.

As usual, you can get all of the details by watching these episodes of The Ben Heck Show in the embedded videos.

Source: The Ben Heck Show