The L3p L4n case mod is complete

The L3p L4n case mod, which was started way back last summer, is finally complete. While you probably already know this from our previous coverage of this modding project, L3p L4n is a classic case mod, which is based on the fancy aluminum AE S21T Black HTPC enclosure from Origen. Being the highest-end enclosure from Origen, the most distinctive feature of this case isn’t only its steep price of $1199, but also a 12.1″ motorized TFT touch screen display, which is mounted on the front of the case.

L3p kept an eye on this case for a rather long time, but it was his second place in the Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition that made him finally pull the trigger on the purchase. Despite the fact that the Origen AE S21T Black enclosure is marketed as a case for HTPCs, the main goal of L3p L4n case mod is to build a relatively compact, yet high-performanced gaming PC, which could be comfortably carried to lan parties. Between all the lan parties, this modding project would also have a more “tradition” role of a Home Theatre Personal Computer.

To cool all the high-peformance hardware, this case mod was equipped with an efficient watercooling system that has three separate EK Waterblocks branded radiators: one “single” 120 mm radiator, one “single” 140 mm radiator and one “double” 140 mm radiator. The water cooling loop of this case mod also features the EK-Supreme HF CPU waterblock, the EK-MOSFET Max IV Gene mosfet waterblock (which was customized by EK Water Blocks), a waterblock for RAM and of course the custom fullcover waterblock for the ASUS Mars II video card, which we already talked about in the previous post.

To make the Origen AE S21T Black case capable of housing all of those watercooling components, the case required a fair bit of modifications, such as: cutting out additional blowholes, making custom and modifying the existing mounts, etc. Most of the cutting in this case mod was done by L3p himself, using a jigsaw and good old Dremel. L3p also personally polished the Heat Spreader on the Core i7 CPU, giving it a mirror finish. It’s also worth noting, that the L3p L4n case mod was also partially made by Kier, who took his time out to install individual cable sleeving for the PSU.

In the end of a day, the L3p L4n modding project has many different features, all of which can be check out only in its worklog, which we recommend that you read.

Source: Bit-tech