Resuming work on the Arrakis project

We’ve recently learned that Attila (also know as Attila Lucas or simply Oldnewby) has decided to resume work on his Arrakis modding project, which was initially started by him back as early as late 2011.

It was initially planed that this modding project would be a simple one, requiring a minimal amount of time and resources to make it, so Attila planned to make it when taking a small break from building the Cor Leonis modding project. Yet, as you probably know by now, the build process for the Cor Leonis project proved to be rather difficult and moved along slowly, taking much more time than anticipated by Attila, so there was no time left to finish the Arrakis project. Now, when Attila didn’t only finish his Cor Leonis project but also took the second place in Bit-tech’s Mod of the Year 2012 modding contest with it, all of this has changed — he has the required free time, so he decided to resume work on the Arrakis modding project.

The first variant of the Arrakis modding project, which Attila decided to completely redo

The first variant of the Arrakis modding project, which Attila decided to completely redo

Let us remind you, that the main idea behind the build of Arrakis project is to make a compact and stylish HTPC. As with Attila’s other projects, his Arrakis modding project is named after an astronomical object, since Arrakis isn’t just a name of a desert planet from Frank Herbert’s Dune Saga, but also an old name of Mu Draconis (μ Draconis) — a binary star near the head of constellation Draco.

Taking another shot at making the Arrakis project, Attila decided to completely redo it, drastically changing the design in the process, since he found the previous to be too boxy. The new design should be more slim — Attila has already made the chassis for it, which you can see in the photo below. If you are interested in this modding project, then you can get more details on it, while also following its build process, in the corresponding worklog.

The new variant of the project's chassis

The new variant of the project’s chassis

Source: Bit-tech