Radeon RX 560 Being Downgraded by AMD

The development of Radeon RX 560 graphics cards with 896 stream processors is greater widespread than earlier thought. It’s like RX 560 cards with 896 stream processors are more often out there than the antecedently thought larger China region; with AMD taciturnly piece of writing the specifications of the SKU to possess either 896 or 1,024 stream processors, as critical the 1,024 it originally launched with. There aren’t any clear labeling pointers or SKU names to differentiate cards with 896 stream processors from those with 1,024.

The Radeon RX 560 and also the previous-generation RX 460 are being supported by the fourteen nm “Polaris 11” element, that physically options sixteen GCN reckon units (CUs), each filled with sixty four stream processors. The RX 560 originally maxed this element out, with all sixteen CUs being enabled, whereas the RX 460 has 2 CUs latched. The choice to vary specs of the RX 560 effectively makes it a re-brand of the RX 460, that is slower, and provides fertile grounds for bait-and-switch lawsuits.5DbHIfxfH1O5UJdj

Source: techpowerup.com